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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell all the aftercare products I’ll need?

Yes, we sell three types of aftercare products. Studex saline solution 50ml £4. TDC antiseptic solution 50ml £5. Studex advanced solution 100ml £10. 

How is a infection caused? 

An infection is caused by lack of hygiene and not cleaning the piercing properly. The piercer will explain in depth the advised aftercare for your specific body piercing, you will also receive an aftercare form to take home with you. An infection is most likely caused by touching the pierced area with dirty un-washed hands. Ensure you clean the piercing twice daily with clean hands using the aftercare solution provided. 

I have a "bump" on my piercing 

That "bump" is called a pollop, its a build up of fluid and bacteria due to improper hygiene and aftercare. A small infection like a pollop can easily develop if not treated properly. Follow the guidlines on your aftercare form to ensure this does not happen. 

How old do you have to be to get a piercing?

Ear lobes (pierced with a certified hand pressured instrument) 7years /  Ear lobes (pierced with a needle) 14years. / Tongue 16years. /  Nipple 18years. / For other body piercings we can pierce from the age of 14years with a legal guardian present to sign the consent form. If you are 16years of age you must have photographic ID with D.O.B. No guardian needed if you are 16yrs+ 

What body piercings do you do?

We pierce everything above the waist. Lobes /
Helix / Forward helix /  Rook / Daith / Conch / Outter conch / Tragus / Anti tragus / Snug / Scafold / Nose / Septum / Eyebrow / Tongue / Lips / Nipple / Navel / Microdermal / Surface 


How do i book an appointment?

Contact the shop directly on 01227 479200 

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